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Fantasy Multiscene

Fantasy Multiscene is a multiscene with music and media rights. It's in the sky but you get parcel rights like changing the name of the land,  privacy, access, music, media, and deeding objects to OUR group.  The scenes are prefabricated and not mod, so we're not able to remove anything from them, unlike our other multiscenes.

At the main area you will find:
   ♦ A Beautifully landscaped unfurnished Cottage (not de-rezzed when using the magic couch)
   ♦ Magic Couch Multiscene Rezzer with 9 Awesome Fully Landscaped, Fully Furnished Scenes you can choose from (Summer Dream, Winter Dream, The Beach, Horror House, Lost Island, Orient Pavillion, Cottage, Fantasy, and Fantasy II)
      --> Create your own romantic environment -- A Lighting system with well over 50 different colors and particle effects such as fog or stars, provide a romantic atmosphere!
 For the rental you get:
   ♦ 1100 prims to use (if you use the rezzer, there will be prims used as well)
   ♦ Ability to add and remove guests by a simple click on the rental box (max of 10 guests)
   ♦ Eject and Ban rights
   ♦ Music, Media and Deeding to our group rights
   ♦ Singles and couples dances from HUMANOID and others worth 250.000 L$ value (over 1000 US Dollars!) included
   ♦ Hundreds of PG and Adult poses

995L/wk with 1100 prims available to use

To check out the Demo, click here



To RENT a Fantasy Multiscene, teleport to one of these available rentals:

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